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There is the option of a Solo Retreat which is specially designed for your areas of enquiry as they emerge. This can take the form of a one day, three day or five day Solo Retreat. 
For the one day, you arrive by 10am and we work for three hours during the day with breaks for integration. 
For a three day, you come to stay at Gorse Hill for a minimum of three days and four nights. We work together for four to five hours each day and also spend time in nature.
A five day retreat is the same work schedule as a three day except you are residential for five days and six nights

Cost is €250 for a one day, €650 for a three day and €1,000 for a five day Solo Retreat. The three day and five day includes a simple diet and your accommodation. 

The Retreats need to be scheduled quite far in advance and payment in full is required six weeks before the agreed dates.
​If we have not worked together before or within the past five years, then it is a requirement that prior to committing to The Solo Retreat, we meet for a two hour one to one session. The cost for this is €160.

If you have a PayPal account you can pay directly through this. If you don’t please Contact Joan for further options.


If you are drawn to this work, then early booking is highly recommended as each
immersive is limited to four participants plus myself and one assistant.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement is an Embodied Mystical Practice, which cultivates the practice of entering into Direct Embodied Experience of the here and now, with oneself and others.

Authentic Movement is always practiced in the presence of a witness, who sits with their eyes open and follows their own experience from within whilst in the presence of the mover. The ground form is composed of learning to be a mover and track your own experience whilst in movement thus developing an internal witness.

For further information on Authentic Movement, look under ORIGINAL NATURE, A Practice in Presence, a recently completed 3 year training programme in The Discipline of Authentic Movement.

Our personal embryological journey is our earliest experiences of coming into a body and the consciousness therein.

 Joan Davis will be assisted by either Dee Cotter ( or Tina Hannon ( Tina and Dee are both qualified Somatic Therapists and graduates of the ORIGINS and ORIGINAL NATURE, A PRACTICE IN PRESENCE programmes.

 As very early material can be evoked in this work, it is highly recommended that you are in personal therapy so that you have somewhere to bring unresolved material. Not everything that arises can get processed during the workshop.

These three day immersive retreats are limited to four participants plus Joan and one assistant. They are more suited to those people who have done some depth somatic work previously. If we have not worked together before or in the previous five years, then it will be necessary to have a one hour online or live session prior to enrolling in an immersive. The cost for this is 80 euro.

Shared accommodation will be offered (max two people per room with possibility of two solo sleeping spaces in yurts in garden) It is a requirement to be residential in order to attend the retreat.


November 25th to 28th 2022,  closing date and full payment by October 1st, 2022.

February 10th to 13th 2023,  closing date and full payment by December 30, 2022

June 9th to 12th 2023,  closing date and full payment by April 28th, 2023

November 3rd to 6th 2023,  closing date and full payment by September 25th, 2023

Cost: 650 euros per person, preferably through Paypal

Times; Friday 3pm to 6pm.  (It is advisable to ensure arrival to Gorse Hill by 1pm.)

Saturday: 9:30 am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

Sunday:  9:30 am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

Monday:  9:30 am to 1pm and 2.30 to 4.30pm


  • I cannot hold your place unless your payment has been made by the due date. If you have put your name down but not paid by the due date, then your place will not be held and the next person on the list will be given it.

  • I will refund you in full if you need to cancel anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks.

  • I cannot refund you if you need to cancel 3 weeks or less before the Immersive begins UNLESS I have someone on the waiting list or you know of someone who could take your place.

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