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ORIGINS Structure and Costs


There is the option of a Solo Retreat which is specially designed for your areas of enquiry as they emerge. This means that you come to stay at Gorse Hill for a minimum of three days and four nights. We work together for five to six hours each day and also spend time in nature.

Cost is €650 for the Solo Retreat which includes a simple diet and your accommodation. The Retreats need to be scheduled quite far in advance and payment in full is required six weeks before the agreed dates.


There is the also the possibility of Origins Process Groups (between 6 and 10 people) for a more workshop style gathering for 3 days.

The group does not exceed 10 people plus the facilitator and assistants who hold a Diploma from the 2012-2015 ORIGINS training. The group commits to the frequency (monthly, 6 weekly, 2 monthly) and length of time (1 year, 2 years etc.) they wish to do this work. The group is closed once these decisions have been agreed. This is to ensure enough safety for the depth of work being explored.

Over time the ORIGINS material presented will be group led in terms of interest, content and according to what is arising individually and collectively in the group.

Costs: The Origins Process Group costs are depending on numbers.

4 People

€500 Each

6 People

€400 Each

8 - 10 People

€350 Each

Prices are inclusive of accommodation, if required. Food is not included.

Payment for Solo Retreats and/or Origins Process Groups is required two months before starting date.


If we have not worked together before or within the past five years, then it is a requirement that prior to committing to either a Solo Retreat or an Origins Process Group we meet for a two hour one to one session. The cost for this is €160.

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If you have a PayPal account you can pay directly through this. If you don’t Contact Joan for further options.

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