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ORIGINS is a body based approach to our developmental evolutionary process from preconception to standing.

The book weaves together existing and new strands of somatic practices into a vibrant and colourful tapestry that is unique to each person. As human beings, body, spirit, emotion and thought all evolve in relationship to each other. The process of our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development occurs in overlapping spirals and is neither linear nor hierarchical. It is more like an elaborate dance that unfolds as we grow.

This book attempts to express the universality of our humanity and our interconnectedness. The writing style is more evocative of a ‘feeling’ style as opposed to a text book or more clinical style.

The author hopes this book will be of interest to movement therapists, dancers, psychotherapists, and those people involved in the arts and performance who seek a more embodied engagement with their creative lives.


Most especially she hopes that the human being who sees and desires the necessity of embodiment as part of their personal and creative development in daily life can find it through the engagement with the content of these pages.

The book is just over 700 pages long, hardback and costs €100 (£100). Access to a gallery of images and guided somaticizations are available online after purchase.

If you have a PayPal account you can pay directly through this. Please Contact Joan regarding payment.

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