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Original Nature, A Practice In Presence


is offered in Solo Retreats or for small groups


Moving From Our Original Nature

This practice has been deeply inspired by my work with Janet Adler and Julia Gombos and the practice of the Discipline of Authentic Movement, over many years.

Moving from our Original Nature is the practice of moving from the most authentic place within ourselves. We follow our own movement impulses and truth in the moment as they are arising. The mover usually moves with their eyes closed and learns to follow their own experience from within.  
Moving from our Original Nature  is always practiced in the presence of a witness, who sits with their eyes open and follows their own experience from within whilst in the presence of the mover. 
The ground form is composed of learning to be a mover and track your own experience whilst in movement thus developing an internal witness.
We learn about being a moving witness. We learn what it is to be a silent witness and finally we learn to be a speaking witness in the presence of a mover from.

As the form evolves we move into an Embodied Spiritual Practice and further deeply cultivate the practice of entering into Direct Experience of the here and now with oneself and others.

Witnessing is the ability to follow and welcome your own inner experience whilst engaged in any activity or at rest. We cultivate the attitude of loving presence, welcoming, curiosity, connectivity, encouragement and playfulness in the witnessing of ourselves and others.
Object Relations

In addition to our loves, friendships, and rivalries, we have intricate relationships within us.  These are powerful influences on how we feel about ourselves and relate to others.  The people around us also affect us within ourselves. The exploration of these internal and external relationships has led to a body of knowledge called Object Relations. Attachment research studies have shown that how we have experienced our earliest connections to our primary caretakers influences us in all our relationships throughout our lives. In the context of

Original Nature, Object Relations is used to more deeply explore the relational field in a safe enough way.  This can allow us enter more fully our relationship to our perceptions, judgments, interpretations and projections which have been shaped by our earliest attachment histories and experiences.
Working in and with Nature

This is where the work is brought outdoors into direct relationship with the Elements and the wilds of Nature. 


To find out more about some of the underlying inspirations for Original Nature, please read Getting to the Root of it All.

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